I can't seem to post an Ad?
It may be something on our side. Drop us an email and we will look into it. In the meantime, provide us with the ad details (category, title, description, price, images) and we will help you post it. Do email us from your registered email address.

Why this new version of pHing.com?
Due to the outdated software & hardware, we have decided to do a total revamp of pHing.com, on both the CMS and server hardware.

What will happen to www.phing.com?
We have stopped upgrades for www.phing.com and will focus on the new pHing.com. The current www.phing.com is targeted to be shut down in April 2013.

What will happen to my user account on www.phing.com?
As we are starting from ground up, we will not be migrating any user account over to the new pHing.com. All users have to register for a new account on v3.phing.com. Only facebook login is allowed. It is also a "spring cleaning" of duplicate and spam accounts.

Do I need to register with my facebook account?
Yes. In replacement of SMS verification, we have implemented facebook connect login. We feel that keeping the community social creates more credibility. This also makes it more tedious for users to create and manage multiple facebook accounts, and hence reduce clones. We also encourage users to check out ad posters and decide for yourself if the seller's account is credible before making any purchases.

What if I do not have a facebook account?
Where have you been? But seriously, you can register for a free facebook account at www.facebook.com.

What will happen to my ads on www.phing.com?
No ads on pHing.com will be migrated to the new website. Please post your ads afresh. The new pHing.com supports mobile devices, so you can post your ads directly from your smartphone. However, do note that mobile ad posting with images may only work on Android and iOS6 platform.

What will happen to my ads on v3.phing.com (the new pHing classifieds) after it leaves beta?
All ads posted on the new pHing classifieds will stay.

Can I migrate my current Ads on the old pHing Classifieds to the new pHing Classifieds?
No. We have decided to implement a new CMS to also clean up old ads and implement a quota in response to common complains of having too many business advertisements.

How many ads can I post on the new pHing.com?
Each user can post a maximum of 5 ads per week, and up to a maximum of 10 ads per month, whichever happens first. This is to discourage repeating posting of same/similar ads by a single user.

Premium Ads

What are Premium Ads?
Premium ads are special ads that will be featured on all listing pages, regardless of the category of the list. It will be spaced out in the free listing, in it's own chronological order.

How much does it cost to put up a Premium Ad?
S$1.50 for up to 30 days. Enjoy featured listing from only 5 cents a day.

How long does a Premium Ad last?
30 days, or less if you delete it.

How do i post a Premium Ad?
1. Select category "Premium ads" during the Ad creation
2. Once publishing your ad, click on the button "Make ad premium" and pay using your paypal account or debit/credit card.

Can i change my Premium Ad to a normal (free) ad?
No. You will have to delete the premium ad, and post a new free ad.

Is there is any refund for Premium Ads ?
No, there will not be any refund for if you decide to terminate your ad before the expiry.

Other queries on Premium Ads
Please send your question to team@phing.com and we will address it.